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Our Staff

Senior Staff 

Donald Ingham

Doug Ingham

Brenda Ingham

President of Leading Edge Aviation, is also the company Chief Pilot, Operations Manager and Chief Flight Instructor. Don is also an approved Transport Canada Authorised Person. 

Bringing more than 45 years experience in the industry as a Flight Instructor, Aerial Applicator Pilot and Transport Canada Pilot Examiner.

Our Office Administrator for 25 Years, and our Transport Canada Examination Invigilator. 

Flight Personnel
Jamie Fehr
Bradley Ingham

One of our longtime employees, is the Fuel Services and Hangar Ops Manager. He is highly experienced in servicing aircraft of all types.

Is our ground operations employee, and one of our flight instructors. 

Pilots & Flight Instructors
Bradley Ingham

Bradley is a dedicated flight instructor, and one of our grounds personnel. He takes pride in delivering excellent customer service, and will assist you in any way he can! 

Paul Smolinski

 Paul has over 30 years of experience in the aviation industry, and is a innovative flight instructor with a strong business background!

Keelan Case

Newest member to the Leading Edge Team. Keelan is a dedicated flight instructor and company pilot, also providing classroom instruction.

Kevin Mooney

 Kevin is a Flight Instructor and a professional Aerial Applicator pilot of over 25 years, who is also trained in any company task!

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