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Co-Pilot Flight Training Program

DATE: 2020 (TBD)

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CONTACT: Don Ingham or Candace Pardo (306)783-0321 or Contact us HERE

The Co-Pilot flight training program is structured to give a pilot’s spouse, family member or frequent passenger some knowledge and re-assurance about the safety of flying without having to complete a private licence.

The program consists of approximately 5 hours of flight training and 2 sessions of ground school.

The flight training will give the participant some basic knowledge of maintaining a safe attitude and comfort level by completing the air exercises. The ground school will cover a wide range of topics which includes, but is not limited to, the items listed below.

Ground School - 2 Sessions 

  • Basic Theory

  • Parts of an Airplane

  • Flight Controls

  • Ancillary Controls

  • Basic Instruments

  • Using the radio, phonetic alphabet

  • Transponder codes, May-Day call

  • The circuit

  • Map reading

  • Medical factors

  • Emergency Locator Transmitter

Flight Training

  1. Taxiing, Flight controls, Ancillary controls, Attitudes and Movements 

  2. Straight & Level, Climbing, Descending, Turns

  3. Stall and Spiral Avoidance

  4. Take-Offs, Circuits, Landings

  5. Take-Offs, Circuits, Landings, Basic Forced Landing

COST: COST: Please Contact


If you have any questions please contact: 

Don Ingham or Candace Pardo (306) 783-0321

Contact Us: Co-Pilot Course

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The Pas- Satellite School 
DATE: Mid May 2020 -Pending Enrollment
CONTACT: Don Ingham or Candace Pardo (306)783-0321 or Contact us HERE

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