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In addition to the standard licenses and rating certified by Transport Canada, Leading Edge Aviation also offers the following additional training and courses. (Pricing available upon request).

Flat Lander Check Out

There are 1,417 published runways in Canada, approximately 900 of which are unpaved. That number doesn't include all the farm strips which are generally very short and rough (not to mention the obstacles on both ends). Our unique Flatlander Checkout includes a grass strip checkout along with enhanced crosswind landing techniques on the way to expanding the pilot's skill sets.

Co-Pilot Course

The Co-Pilot flight training program is structured to give a pilot's spouse or a frequent passenger some knowledge and reassurance about the safety of flying without having to complete a private pilot's license.  The program consists of approximately 5 hours of flight training and 2 evening sessions of ground school.

The course focuses on teaching participants how to maintain a safe aircraft attitude during straight and level flight and in climbs and descents, avoiding stalls and spirals, basic navigation skills, and how to land the aircraft.

Advance Meteorology Ground School

Leading Edge Aviation offers a dedicated meteorology ground school for both aviators and aviation enthusiasts. As pilots deal with meteorology on every flight, we feel it is one subject every pilot should fully understand.

Tail Wheel Check Out

The tail wheel airplane has become something of a mystery for most new pilots these days. Some pilots will go through their entire commercial career and never fly a tail dragger.  At Leading Edge Aviation we remember when the Piper J-3 was one of the most popular training aircraft, and we still offer that same grassroots type of flying today.  There are many reasons to have a tail wheel check out:  to experience the thrill and excitement of something new and challenging; when considering purchasing a tail dragger; or it may be an insurance requirement.


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