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Minimum Age:

14 years of age to solo and 17 years of age to hold the licence



Fly all single engine, non-high performance, day VFR land airplanes, not for hire or reward. Ratings and endorsements may be added to the Private Pilot Licence.


Transport Canada Requirements:

1) Total of 45 hours flight time of which 17 hours must be

dual instruction and 12 hours must be solo training.

    a) 17 hours dual training shall include 3 hours cross country

        and 5 hours instrument.


2) Ground School which shall include (40 hours):

    a) Air Law

    b) Navigation

    c) Meteorology

    d) General Knowledge


3) Valid Category I or III aviation medical.


4) Pass the Transport Canada written exam.


5) Pass the Transport Canada flight test.






Approximate Costs:

Prices do not include flight test fee, licence fee, Transport Canada fees, applicable fuel surcharge, and applicable taxes. Aircraft Flight time costs are associated with flying a Cessna 172. 


NOTE: Prices are based on Transport Canada required minimums and may vary with student performance

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