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Minimum Age:

18 years of age to hold the licence



Fly all single engine, non-high performance, VFR land airplanes, for hire or reward.


Transport Canada Requirements:

1) Must hold a Private Pilot Licence


2) Total of 200 hours total flight time of which;

    a) 100 hours must be solo which shall include 20 hours cross-country.

    b) 35 hours dual shall include 5 hours cross country and

        20 hours instrument.

    c) 30 hours solo shall be towards practicing flight test maneuvers.

    d) the night rating is usually included in the above hours.


3) Ground School which shall include (80 hours):

    a) Air Law

    b) Navigation

    c) Meteorology

    d) General Knowledge


4) Valid Category I aviation medical.


5) Pass the Transport Canada written exam.


6) Pass the Transport Canada flight test.






Approximate Costs:

Prices do not include any time building hours, flight test fee, licence fee, Transport Canada fees, applicable fuel surcharge, and applicable taxes. Aircraft rental fees are based on the Cessna 172.


NOTE: Commerical Pilot Licence Requires 200 total time, and 100 PIC. Time building hours are not included in the below training fees.  


NOTE: Prices are based on Transport Canada required minimums and may vary with student performance

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